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Dear reader, come with me to France.  It’s the summer of 1789.  Stand with me on the sweltering streets of Paris. Watch the mob attack the Bastille, the mighty fortress of Paris. Hear their shouts, smell the gunpowder, feel your eyes sting from the smoke, the earth shake as the canons roar. Feel the press of history. You are there. Come with me, bear witness as the most disastrous period of the history of France unfolds. But, watch your step—else you slip in the blood that runs in the streets and you’re swept along with the river of bodies that leads to the guillotine. 

Beware of friends and foes alike-someone’s watching.
Loss of Innocence

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Loss of Innocence

A Novel of the French Revolution

Loss of Innocence is the exciting encore to Walther’s critically acclaimed fictional novel—A Time for Treason.

Packed with action, suspense, and passion, Loss of Innocence affirms Anne Newton Walther as an exceptional storyteller with a gift for making history and fiction equally exciting.

Anne Newton Walther has a background in and a passion for history and psychology. A nationally recognized author, she is the author of four respected books. A highly sought after lecturer and head of a counseling firm, she has made numerous appearances on national talk shows, as well as local television and radio interview programs in the United States and Canada. To learn more about Walther - click here


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