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Loss of Innocence             
A Novel of the French Revolution

In spite of her noble heritage, French countess Eugénie Devereux avidly embraces the stirrings of social change and revolution in France. A beautiful woman in her prime, with a sharp mind and an adventurous spirit, Eugénie adroitly manages her tranquil Bordeaux valley estate and vineyards while maintaining a network of agents to keep her informed of events beyond château’s walls.

Already disturbed by news of the monarchy under seige at Versailles, and the growing anarchy in the streets of Paris and throughout France, she receives a surprising and cryptic invitation from Queen Marie Antoinette. Eugénie suspects that the royal family is in danger and hurries to Versailles just as a lavish banquet for the Royal Guard incites the women of Paris to march on the palace in a rage.

As one disatrous event follows another, Eugénie risks her reputation and her life to undertake a bold secret mission. Joining her is American shipper Bridger Goodrich, who won her heart when she visited Virginia at the onset of the American Revolution. Their passion for one another deepens as they plunge into a little-known historical plot by French nobles and courageous Americans to rescue the queen from her prison in France and spirit her across the Atlantic to the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. Will Eugénie carry out the plan in time?

Walther tells a vivid story of courage, betrayal, and love.



A Time For Treason A Time For Treason                  $24.95
A Novel of the American Revolution

A TIME FOR TREASON is based on a true story. The fictional tale exploits the colorful times in colonial Virginia on the brink of the American Revolution. It leads up to an actual event that occurs when a political oligarchy on the British colony of Bermuda conspires to and commits treason with the American revolutionaries. Eugenie Devereux, a young French countess, is the lightening rod who propels the story from the beginning to its conclusion. The text is rich and fast moving. Eugenie matches her step with fictitious partners as well as notable figures of the time without missing a beat.

After five years, Comtesse Eugenie Devereux has the means to gain revenge against the British for her parents' death. Her mission in the colony of Virginia is to spy on the Americans and ferret out their true intentions. If they choose the road to revolution, she and her compatriots will champion the Americans' cause to the French Ministry and bring their arms and might to bear against the British.

It is not to be that simple. Eugenie's sympathies are engaged and her motives shift as she is drawn into the patriots' cause. Her mission is further complicated by her attraction to Bridger Goodrich, whose principles and loyalties are the exact opposite of hers, a British agent, one of the villains of the story, as well as a series of natural and man-made disasters. To escape harm and detection, Eugenie must flee to the British colony of Bermuda. There she seeks to pursue her mission, only to find that the household that takes her in is not the safe haven she supposed but the seat of political conspiracy on the island. The leader of the conspiracy, her host Col. Henry Tucker, is plotting with the Americans to commit treason against the British Crown. In spite of physical danger that stalks her and her entanglement in the Tucker plot, Eugenie must find a way to carry out her mission.

The tale is a treat for the history buff and the general public hungering for a big scope, fast paced story. The text has been adapted as a screenplay and is a natural as a film as well as a best selling novel. Eugenie and the rest of the cast will not disappear into the mist at the conclusion of this material's life span. A sequel is in the works, another good romp, again based on a real event, this time during the French Revolution.

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